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WHC was established to support immigrates interested in working and living in Canada. After a review of the immigration process, it was realized that access to relevant content and support was fragmented, confusing and potentially fraudulent players. The goal of WHC is to provide access to content and support that helps prepare, inform and provide transparency.


betterU was founded with the vision to help those less fortunate gain access to education needed to advance their lives. In 2008, the idea of betterU was born. betterU's leadership spent 3 years in India working to understand the root problems within Tier 1, 2, 3 cities as well as rural locations and villages. The years that followed, betterU travelled the world to build a network of education partners after which launched multiple potential solutions and tested the markets into in mid-2019 determined the right solution. In 2020, betterU launched global programs with it's core backend solutions being the same, customized to be relevant for the users. WHC leverages betterU's backend systems and models to support Immigration opportunities into Canada.


betterU's leadership team includes experienced entrepreneurs and business people who are passionate about making a difference. We are not perfect, but we work hard, do not give up and are always working to improve, advance and support our shareholders, partners and learners.

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Hindustan Times Leadership Summit – India, December 2019

betterU, the only education partner for India’s prestigious leadership conference.

HT MINT Asia Leadership Summit – Singapore, September 2019

betterU, in partnership with Hindustan Times, sponsored and supported the 2nd annual HT Mint Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore.

betterU was also selected as one of 16 global speakers and invited to share how their work is impacting education delivery around the world. Other speakers included the Former Prime Minister of the UK, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Chairman of TATA, CEO of Singtel, and more.

NSDC – betterU Press Conference – India, July 2019

betterU and the National Skills Development Corporation entered into an agreement to advance the efforts of Skill India.

Disruption for Good – Necker Island, December 2018

betterU was invited to attend the Disruption for Good event hosted by Sir Richard Branson. Global leaders had the opportunity to come together to share ideas and discuss better ways of solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Canadian Bureau for International Education

betterU has been a key partner for Canada's largest education conference for many years, engaging with hundreds of college and university leaders.

betterU a key speaker at Carleton University

betterU was invited to speak at Carleton University about their global efforts for Education to Employment. Speaking along side the Ambassador of India and Minster Bain, betterU address an audience of Ottawa's top educational and business leaders.

betterU partners with Economic Times to host Skills Development leadership forum.

betterU brought together leaders from government, corporate and industry to discuss the scope of challenges and solutions to solve access to proper skills development programs to ensure work ready students to employment. The industry CEOs, heads of institutions and senior government officials spoke for hours about how to effectively collaborate to solve some of the most complicated education to employment challenges.

betterU was invited to sit with Prime Minister Harper and Prime Minister Modi during his historic visit to Canada.

betterU's CEO along with 13 other CEO's from Canadian companies such as Air Canada, Blackberry, Sunlife as well as several top banking and senior government officials spent over an hour in discussions during this historical visit. This was the first time in over 40 years that India's Prime Minister had visited Canada.

betterU invited to speak at Pioneer Summit in San Francisco

betterU's CEO discusses the educational challenges faced across North America and the solutions being developed to support educators, corporates and learners.

More about our Journey

Take a moment to learn more about betterU and what we have been doing to support those in need of a better education.

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