Your Prep Management System

Our management system is hosted and secured in the cloud on AWS and comes fully loaded with everything you will need.
  • Multiple User Access (consultants and applicates ). 
  • Robust Reporting System.
  • Certification and Gamification System. 
  • Custom Content Development System.
  • Multilingual that Supports User Language Preference.
  • Automation and Notification System.
  • Collaboration and Communication System.
  • Blended Learning options (Self-Paced, Online / Offline Instructor-Led).
  • Desktop and Mobile (Android, IOS) accessible.
  • Access to a growing library of assessment and content.
  • Practice quizzes and content specifically related to Canada.
  • Forms, documents, videos and other materials to support immigrates.
  • Both pre and post support, even after you have landed in Canada! 

WorkHere Canada’s Integrated Platform

Our integrated solutions and services support our learners and partners with all the resources they need to manage their skills development, their understanding of Canada’s ecosystem and opportunities to advance their opportunities. The platform includes all content, assessments to determine skills gaps and a robust management system, quizzes and relevant programs for immigrating to Canada.  Affordable, multilingual, flexible, scalable, customizable and always growing to support our partners. 

WHC’s Skills Solutions Include:

Skills Assessment Library bank

Skills Gap Assessment ensures individual job and career aspirations are aligned with current capabilities. Properly understanding an individual’s skills gap with a personalized job role or subject based assessment will help determine the right learning path and growth plan.

Skills Content Library

Library includes content across 200 categories. With over 3,700 curated skill training and development programs that continue to expand as we continue to support more industries, more job roles, more employees, and more students.

Network of Global partnerships

We are a collaborative company focused on bringing together the best of the best to support skills development for all. This includes individual contributors, communities, Industry leaders, employers, educators and governments. "Alone we can go fast, together we can go far" - African proverb

Canadian content

We provide access to pre and post materials to support what Canada requires for Immigrates wanting to work in Canada and for after they are approved. Please note: Approval of Canadian immigration is solely authorized by the Government of Canada. WHC can only help and prepare immigrates and cannot guarantee that their application will be accepted.

Collaborate,  Communicate and Grow with WHC

Our platform includes built-in communication, discussion and collaborative tools to help ensure you are working together to build your skills. 

Certificates, gamification and mobility

Our platform includes elements of fun to create friendly competitions. Earn certificates showing completion of you programs and learn from anywhere with mobile access.

Track progress, close your skill gap and your share successes

Ongoing assessments to help reinforce your advancements and you are closing your skill gap to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Learn about Canada and practice your Canadian knowledge

Our platform includes elements of fun to create friendly competitions. Earn certificates showing completion of you programs and learn from anywhere with mobile access.

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