Candidate Employment Support

Working with Immigration Candidates to support Career readiness

Candidate Career Support

Providing our International candidates with career possibilities

Corporate Immigration Support Programs

Your Career Assessment – Let our system help determine your skills for the careers you want to enter into in Canada. The assessments will provide you with a clear picture of your gaps and show you how and where to improve.

Your Career Mapping and Profiling – Through our platform, you will have access to learning paths that support your Career ambitions for not only today, but also  growing with you for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Your Career Development – Through our all-in-one skills development platform, you will have access to thousands of courses to support your skills development journey.

Your Individual Career Planning

WHC’s goal is to help support advancing employment opportunities in Canada. Note: WHC does not guarantee employment in Canada as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.  As each candidate has their own experiences, education, skills, aptitude, personalities, behaviors that might not qualify for immigration, might not qualify for employment opportunities, the best WHC can so, is provide support to help increase a candidates potential.  By adding your profile with WHC, we will work to help provide the following support:

The government of Canada has great resources to support those looking to support job opportunities. Click on “Explore Gov of Canada’s Job Bank (free) button to learn more. 

When you find the job role you are interested in, let us know and we can help prepare you for the opportunity.

You will be assessed on your essential skills, soft skills and technical skills for the job role you are interested in. These assessments will provide you and your career counsellors with transparency on your skills gaps and help frame the preparation roadmap required for job readiness.

Once we understand your skills gaps, we are able to then help you further develop the credentials required for your job of interest in the financial industry. This is accomplished through access to thousands of courses across all the skills you would need.  It is also important that your social media represents your personal brand. Employers today are viewing more social profiles to get a true sense of possible employee core values.

Preparing you for your job search includes helping structure your resume to includes your credentials, experiences and your skill advancements. It will also include coaching and prep on interview engagement, practice with use of video conferencing and Q&A practicing.

Our support in your career development journey does not stop once you get employed. Through our platform, we will continue to provide you with ongoing support. If you need help in advancing your skills for a project, need help in developing any of your skills, you will have access to our growing library. Our goal is to ensure you are successful not only for you, but also for your employer.  We can grow together!

How we support our candidates job readiness

Work-Here Canada’s (WHC) platform comes fully loaded to support each candidate with what they need to prepare for their opportunity in Canada and specifically for the employer. The platform solutions include:

There are clearly a ton of benefits that come with building an ideal profile for employers in Canada. If you qualify for immigration to Canada, plus have a good profile for employers, you can increase your chances for employment.  While employers need that their employees have the right knowledge, behaviors, personality,  they also need to have the right skills. Skills are critical and this is where WHC can help more.

Having knowledge of the work to be done is critical. Do you have the right skills as well?  Knowledge refers to familiarity with factual information and theoretical concepts, while skills refer to the ability to apply knowledge to specific situations. Without the right skills, you as a candidate will face many problems within your role. As part of WHC’s solutions, through our 800 job role assessments we will  determine if you have the knowledge and associated skills to do the job. This skills gap report will provide you with a roadmap to advance your skills for the job you want.

After profiling, WHC will work to ‘possibly’ match you to employment opportunities in Canada. WHC cannot guarantee employment in Canada even if matched. A candidate MUST meet all of Canada’s immigration criteria and been approved by the Canadian government.

If you meet all criterial, WHC will continue to support your learning and skills development as an ongoing process. WHC will continue to provide the new employee with access to the skills development platform and access to their own learning path for the job role that have taken. This learning path will continue to help support both the employee and the company.

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